Nobody's home

I guess everyone has switched to social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook, huh? Lame.

The lack of being anonymous annoys me. But, the in-laws have already seen my cosplay pics, so how much more humiliating can it get?
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Great, I think I'm getting sick.

almaz_adament assumes it's due to stress, especially from my father. I'd like to have some time off sometime SOON. I have more important things to do, like draw and work on some doujinshi. Been working on and off on some new drawings, all have been ero. XD;;

I'd like to play some new games too. We rented FF13 and Green Day Rock Band, both of which I didn't get very far in. I still really want to play Heavy Rain and Red Dead Redemption; Trinity Universe comes out soon too!! I picked up Disgaea Infinite and I don't even mind if it's fan service. Still great.

But anyway, being sick is boring. I'm so achey that I can't even relax.
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↑ Fan art based on Miku Hatsune's new boxart design. Honestly, does her software really need an update?

Maybe next I'll do an art meme… I got that Miku one done pretty fast!

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I guess Japanese don't like foreigners. Maybe that's why I haven't been so lucky on Pixiv. Deviant Art has just become so... bleh. At least I get INSPIRED on Pixiv and want to work harder. DA has just become a cesspool of crap it seems.

And I suppose LJ has been forgotten in favor of garbage like MySpace and Facebook. Those social networking sites just make me feel uncomfortable. Then again, I'm not much of a social person.
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Concerning Disgaea 2...

You know, I think I sensed the pure suckage that is Disgaea 2 when the game originally came out for the PS2. I mean, I remembering buying the first Disgaea game when it came out in 2003, but then I was uneasy when the second game came out. I think what turned me off was what I read on the back - Human main character and a princess. Lame.

The ONLY character that's worth anything is Axel because of the lawlz. I got Disgaea 2 for the PSP mainly for the add ons like Axel's side story and the downloadable characters. Playing through the main story is a HUGE pain. Rozalin hardly acts like a demon and Adell is so damn full of himself. There's times where I want to throw the PSP across the room. XD

I'm getting close to the last boss and everyone is getting emo. It lacks the humor like the first and third games...

Disgaea Infinite is coming out this June. And the best part is that there aren't any characters from Disgaea 2 in it.
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Man, I should have finished all those sculptures and figures that I've had ideas for. It would look good in a portfolio. But then again, I don't know many places that would look for that. XD;;

Still, I should do it. Someday... Website stuff would look good in a portfolio, so would some music and animations. Graduation and A-kon is coming up so quickly! I have a lot to finish~ Cosplay wise, I think I'll only be able to do Mao from Disgaea 3 and young Simon from Gurren Lagann.

For my portfolio I've been doing a lot of geek subjects. It's fun, so no complaints.
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Project Diva 2 is coming out soon

New Vocaloid game coming out this summer. Nearly been exactly one year since the first one came out. We've already pre-ordered it via $60 is pretty high for a PSP game, so it better be the special edition.

i really love the petite Nendoroid Miku figure the first game's special edition came with. The US game market really needs to keep up the pace with giving cool extras like that.

DLC for the first Project Diva is coming out soon through the Japanese network with new song packs and an awesome little add on and lets you play the game on the PS3 with PS3 quality graphics~~ Do want.

The boys better get more love this time around. Everyone is supposed to have more costumes this time around. And would it really hurt to put exclusive songs sung by Meiko and Kaito? I wouldn't doubt if only Miku, Rin, Len, and Luka get more extras than Crypton's first two Vocaloids. Fans actually DO like Meiko and Kaito and it won't kill them to give these two a little more attention.
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Don't tell me what to do, woman.

Some woman came to the door today and was angry about seeing our kitties in the window. She said she was going to tattle on us for having pets at the apartment.

almaz_adamant answered the door and i didn't even think to ask her name. I *was* thinking about asking just who the hell she thought she was, because I had just started leveling up an item in item world in Disgaea 3. D<

Good thing I know the people who own these apartments. We went to his house and got everything cleared up. We're still under the older contract and we're allowed to have pets because we've been here for awhile. A lot of people are pissed that they can't have pets here.

I'm just glad it's been cleared up. I kind of don't want to get evicted right now.

BTW, back from Santa Fe. It fucking SNOWED.
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